March 10, 2011

Stardoll Saftey

I have been noticing the amount of accounts being hacked or spammed recently so I have decided to do a post on stardoll saftey,

Firstly the biggest reason people get hacked is because they give out there pass word the main thing to stop you getting hacked is to never ever give out your password to anyone, free stardoll offers are never true and don't work so don't risk your account for it.

When you are trading with someone...
- Ask for references first and make sure there is at least 5
- Ask for them to go first if you are un sure about them
- Ask a friend or look them up on Google before trading

When you want a makeover...
- Instead of giving out your password ask for a tinypic
- If you are going to get a pass makeover ask for referances
- Ask a few of their references if they are safe
- Look them up on Google before getting the makeover

Want a presentaion...
- Ask for them to make it for you on another account then transfer it to your main account
- Look at their previous work
- Look at their referances
- Look them up on Google

Want more Stardollars or Superstar...
- Never ever trust people that are not superstar themselves or are brand new to stardoll they are most likely fake accounts who want a better account.
- Just never give your passwords out to them.

Basically never trust anyone and never give out your password
xx Abbey


  1. I totally agree with you!

    Chocolateecidna xx

  2. at least known hacker mizzmileycyrus9 has "gone" for now x