March 8, 2011

This is really weird.

Ok so i logged on this morning and found carnival pass gifts in my suite.
the only thing is, i never payed for carnival pass, and i renewed my ss before the carnival pass period.
has anyone else got any mystery gifts?


  1. this is from vampireblobfish btw

  2. If you have a years worth of SS left or something like that, apparently you get the gifts anyway. I can't remember where I read it -but I think it was some info thing about the pass. Maybe it was the letter we all received (probably in an asterix).

  3. It's because you have just received 200 sd or more. It happend to me too this morning!

  4. I havent receaved 200 though.
    lollymollygoo do u think its because were royalty
    from annie

  5. It's not because you're royalty. Royalty actually rarely get gifts. Also I'm royalty and I didn't recieve anything.

  6. i think its because if you are superstar at the time when they release it you get the gifts aswell even if you dont update or anything - i got them too x

  7. Nope I think I figured it out. Check your emails..


    Spring is in the air, bringing with it a new season of fresh fashion, collections, stores and more to Stardoll. So make sure you don't miss a thing this Spring with this exclusive Stardoll Spring Pass - a special low price 1 month Superstar Membership only available for a limited time!

    Stardoll Spring Pass includes:

    Full Superstar Membership for 1 Month
    5 Free Gifts*
    LOADS of Stardollars
    All at a special discounted price

    *If you are currently a 12 month or recurring Superstar member and would like to get your hands on these free items. Well you're in luck! The 5 free gifts will be delivered to your suite automatically on March 7th. For free! Also, don't forget to tell your friends about the Spring Pass, so they can become Superstars just like you!

  8. Actually maybe not. i just realised you said they were carnival gifts...

  9. Oh and I really didn't read what i copy & pasted :\

    Oh well.

  10. weell its free soo yay ;] x