March 15, 2011

Trying for perfection

Hayy Dollies! Today's issue is - are people these days trying to be perfect?

In some ways they are because of all the celebrities out there that give out the impression that they are "perfect" and well celebrities trends last for a while and the fans will be trying to be like the celeb in one way.
So the problem is that are too many people making themselves into different people because of celebs and other influences?
Well, on the other hand, people are their own person and, in my experience, they wouldn't change for anyone. But we are talking celebs here, and they have a big influence in the world. For example, Justin Bieber - a young artist and has millions of fans screaming for him.
- his songs
- because he's cute
- his voice

As soon as he came out, young people loved him and his concerts were all sold out.

But back to the perfection issue, because of stars, people think they want to be like them or her or him and therefore making them believe they are not perfect.
I think that no one is perfect and you shouldn't change who you are. Why? Because you are you and no one should stop you being yourself, not even a celebrity.

What do you think?
What is your version of perfect?
Agree? Disagree?



  1. I agree, nobodys perfect :]
    Cute_panda0 x

  2. It seems to me that celebs have more problems and insecurities than us. They're just better at hiding it.