March 8, 2011

What's going on it the world of fashion? x

Hayy people of the world... It's me ^^ and I'm back with another one of my fashionable tips tricks and everything in between ;]

Today we'll be talking about that new Deep Blue Sea collection. It's growing on my, I have to say but thing is they are soo freakin' slow on what clothes look good and what look bad. And free items.. is that some sort of bribe so that we will go buy some if you get nice and give us freebies? Well yeah I doo love freebies but not ugly onees thanks stardoll for that

It has a lot of choice - frill tops, wash-out dresses and some really awesome combination outfits but...
.. well there's only like 3 pieces that interest me atm but don't look like it's getting any better sadly. And the HB came out
literally right in the middle of it and well it freakin' spoiled the whole deep sea thing by being bright red but otherwise it's all sorta the same colour and i swear i've seen a few pieces before but stardoll... gawwd you need more taste and less of that stupid lazyness.

I rate it hmm.. 4/10 just becos nothing in that collection is "new" it's just like old stardoll pieces redesigned tbh and that's not fashion thats just plain freakin' lazyness.

What do you think?


  1. lovely alot of free things atm stardoll is so slow at realising things though :/