March 10, 2011

Who wore it better?

Hayyah Bloggers! I'm back with some exciting news and a who wore it better.
First up, the who wore it better...?
Nicky Hilton (yes Paris's sister) and Kourtney Kardashian ... Ooh two gorgeous glamour heiresses... Have both been seen in this becautiful black and white mini-dress made by Ani Lee.

Kourney, wore it with a golden bib necklace and black pumps whereas Nicky wore it with white pumps and a cute little black bag.

Personally, I prefer Kourtney's as it shows off her personality and looks just so stunning. It's a perfect combination and I reckon you could get away with wearing that day and night. Kourney just looks full on stylish and fabulous, I love it! But Nicky's styling is just a bit too simple for me and
I think with a glam belt and some statement accessories, she could really have a great outfit.

But what do you think?

Oh yeah and the exciting news... well see most people must know SedonaJ on stardoll right?
Well some people may know about her new blog. She has been looking for writers etc and well I cam across it and gave her some samples of my work and she told me that I could definitely write for her blog!

I'm soo excited and pleased that Sedona, renowned fashion icon on stardoll, accepted me as one of her "vloggers". YAY. And even better.. I can still work here too. Soo don't you worry I'm going nowhere ;]
Megan x


  1. Kourtney! She looks beautiful!

  2. I see what you are saying but I really like the way Nicky wore it!

    Chocolateecidna xx