April 1, 2011

Advice Time with Megan

Welcome back to another installment of Advice Time with Megan! Today I shall be talking about Cyber Bullying. It's such a huge issue on the internet because people can say things and not realise it's bullying but in fact it is.

I just wanted to say that if this is a position you are in, tell someone and get it sorted as quickly as you can.

If, on Stardoll, someone is cyber bullying you, I advise you delete them off your list of friends if they are your friend or if they are doing it via guest book I advise you to block them or make your guest book setting for friends only so that you can't receive anymore mean messages.

If it continues as in she is adding your friends and telling them lies to make you look bad or writing mean things on her presentation about you [eg. ..... is a horrible person] then I would think it to be best if you reported that person and told stardoll exactly what she's been doing to you. They may not delete her account but they will take more notice of her is she hasn't been reported for bullying before.

If you need anymore advice please contact me at my Stardoll user momijigal911 by sending either a guest book message or add me with the message "Advice!" and I will help.

If this is you, get someone to help you because keeping it all to yourself hurts you more than anymore else and from personal experience, it really helps to get it over with and even though it is the hardest thing to open up and talk about it but causing more pain for yourself will not help you get over it, it will make you much worse and you'll be really hard on yourself.

One thing I learnt is don't change because people don't like you. You are amazing the way you are and haters make you stronger. If you tell someone and they sort it look how stupid the bully looks when you show him/her that you are stronger than him/her.

I'm here to answer all your queries and questions so that you can lead happy lives and you don't have to use your real name/user if you don't want to.

Megan x

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