April 3, 2011

Advice Time with Megan

Ok, so you may know I write advice for people but not many people post so I have decided that instead of 1 advice post a week, I will do 1 topic each week and post as much as I can along the week on that topic.

This week, the advice topic is scammers and hackers. Firstly, I have been hacked 3 times, I never gave anyway my pass and they didn't steal anything.

Hacking is a huge problem on Stardoll - anyone know mizzmileycyrus9 famous for both scamming and hacking? Yeah well she's like the most wanted one of them all.

If people ask for your pass and you have told them no and they keep asking straight away report them for asking for your pass because they are breaking the stardoll rules.

Hopefully (fingers crossed), Stardoll will recognise this and help to stop them. If not just make sure you make it clear to people that whoever asked for your pass is breaking stardoll rules and ask them to report her/him.

Scamming is another big problem on stardoll today. It basically involves a trade. It's where two people agree to trade but of course you can't put it up at the same time and buy it like that, you have to put it up one at a time and hope that the other person won't buy your thing then run off without giving the other item in return. mizzmileycyrus9 is another BIG contender in this. To stay away from getting scammed, ask for references. If you don't know what they are, basically, it's when someone has traded safely before, they usually use the person they traded with as a reference so that if they trade again, they can say that this person will tell you that I am safe or whatever.

I would ask a few of the references if the person is safe and maybe see if they have a few big name "elites" on the list so that you are extra sure they are safe. Before trading, I would see if the dolls even exist on the list aswell because some one put people on a list that don't exist or are new dolls that have just joined.

I don't go first personally but you have to make sure that the other person is willing to go 1st.

Megan x

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