April 13, 2011

Advice Time with Megan

Hiyaa. I'm back from my holiday. Today, I will be talking about feeling "lost behind your medoll". I have been looking through Stardoll and am just so depressed with everyone's pres reading the same thing, feeling hidden. I am just wondering why they feel like that? However I do understand that with Stardoll, you are not necessarily you. You can hide yourself behind your doll in a sense that the real you is different to doll you. This is maybe to do with trying to escape from the real life problems you may have or just feel like you want to be someone else etc. I feel for you and I know where you are coming from 100%. Although I have noticed that being a different person on SD is good because it shows a completely new side to you. It's sad though, to see all these people hiding behind a virtual identity which makes them even sadder. I talked to one girl, who I will keep anonymous, who said that she has used her medoll as protection so that she feels safer and happier then comes back to the real world and it makes her feel like her problems are endless. Now this is only one case so all the stories are different but as you can tell, this girl has alot to face at this moment but I am glad she has spread her story. Telling the story is the first step and the hardest step to sorting out all your worries. Please contact me if you have anything on your mind because I can help. You don't even have to use your real name and all messages are private and will be deleted after. Add me at momijigal911

Megan x


  1. awww that is so sad how people hide behind there worries i feel sorry for them thankyou for posting btw and i am loving that banner of yours :)

  2. hey guys i love ur banner too who would not?!