April 19, 2011

Another one of my unusual posts.

Just wanted to get every
ones comments on my new design. If i sold it, would you buy it??
Comment bellow.

Heres the original LE shirt.
Heres my design:


  1. Are you crazy or something??
    EVERYONE INCLUDING ME WILL BUY IT! (It has to be under 8 sds for my friend Lucie and me.)

  2. Ok well im selling it for 8sd
    Once its sold if i get a popular demand i will make more for sale :)

  3. Ummm....NO! It's cut off at the bottom and it's not centered...maybe try putting it a little biggercas well...good luck!

  4. Ummmm on my second one i did..., cause i sold that one so theres another :)

  5. I made one like that too! it's in my suite x