April 25, 2011

April Hotbuys [:

Heluuuuuuuuuuuu everyone :D !

I'm so so sorry , I haven't been posting for a while :| its not because I'm grounded , I Just got my Easter Holiday. So , my and family and I had vacation but now we're back home :D so yea ! (:
So , here's the hotbuys ! I'm gonna review 3 of them :D

One's a Dress , top & Jacket !


Name: Hotbuys Dress
Price: $20.... omg .___.
Color: Black , Grey or its white xD
Where: Rio [Girls]
Click here to buy the dress.

Next , It's the Jacket and Tank .

Name: Hotbuys Leather Jacket and Hotbuys Garther Tank.
Price: Both $18 .__. [Me and my sister said OUCH! Cause of the price] .___.
Color: Jacket ; LOTS. Tank ; Black and it's transparent.
Where: Jacket ; Evil Panda. Tank ; Bizou.
Click here to buy the Jacket or Click here to buy the tank.

Thanks for viewing ! [:


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