April 30, 2011

Interview with LoveLifeGirl

Hey There :)

I'm really excited to say that I did an interview with LoveLifeGirl today and here it is, please comment and tell me what you think :) 
How long have you been designing for?
Since Mid-June in 2010

Why do you like designing?
Its fun, its something to do and very enjoyable

Have you ever won top designer?
Sadly no :( lol

Do you know any other good designers really well?
I wouldn't say I'm good, lol, but I do talk to Joanne1305 a bit. She is a very nice person

What are your favourite designs? 
EVERY design designed by the designers on the "Hottest Designers List"

Which is your favourite design collection?
I don't have one

Who inspires you to design?
Everyone on the "Hottest Designer List" because I would like to be on that list one day

Who is your favourite stardoll designer?
Joanne1305 by far!

Who is your favourite designer?
DKNY (Donna Karan New York)

Whats ur name on stardoll?

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