April 24, 2011

Manta's New Club.

The Mant__Club and copiers...

Soo.. Mant__* has opened up her new club since her account got deleted for asking for real money.

It's called Mant__Club and I joined because it looked interesting but still it seems like a nice club and 234 members already - wooah! Anyways it's going to get lots more members I'd say her old club got about 1000 + members so I'd say around there or even more!

And there's loads of people in Manta's GB saying people are copying designs and I've seen one saying someone is copying the fonts on your pres - like is that a job.. where can I sign up? Jokes. I mean is that all anyone does all day, search for people copying Manta?

Ok, don't get my wrong, Manta is a really lovely girl but we don't need to be her slaves now do we?

Also what else annoys me is that people sign her GB saying they love her etc. But really, do you? Let me re-phrase for you hun.. you only love her for her designs. Well look at it this way, if Manta wasn't "famous" or a designer, none of those people would even know she existed so do they really truly "love" her or is that because she's an "elite"?

Well.. that's my little rant over. What do you think?

Megan x