April 5, 2011

More Advice Time with Megan

Back to the scammer and hacker help week.

Hackers and scammers ruin Stardoll and if a scam/hacker is reading this, just think you are the low life scum of Stardoll that ruins the experience for EVERYONE and hurts alot of users.

The best thing to do is report them because they are dangerous and horrible people.

Things like;

- Selling my account for trade

- Free make overs

- Presentations

- Etc

That's what they could use to trick you into a hack.

- trading but they won't go first

- making you buy things then telling you they'll pay back

- Etc

That could be possible scams.

I just want to say that the world out there is not all safe. There are some nice and some not nice people. If you do get hacked or scammed warn people and make sure Stardoll do something about it. It's the best way.

Megan x

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