April 21, 2011

My little precious kittiess ;[


Omg my little kitties have turned into not so cute and not so cuddly half adult/half teen cats. Grr.. :S

I'm guessing you all received a message from Callie saying that they will be growing soon, right? Well yeah they have now and in the shop aswell.

Nawwt happy. I love them when there little cute things but I guess we all knew this day would come and it has.. sadly.

So this is just a random post just to show how very happy [sarcasm] I am to see the gorgeous sweet kittie cats turn into big cats. No doubt that soon our dogs will ve growing aswell so take the pictures while you can!

Well I also have another post coming about the Stardoll scandal of the century - prices.

Yeah soo.. byee!

Megan x

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