April 18, 2011


I  am very sorry for not posting in a long time! To make it up to you I give you this free item and how to make it work! Now, since Stardoll had bought out this annoying rule (the third one down  [number 9] in the picture above [picture from http://hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com/] I cant really post anypictures from actual stardoll, and I really don't want my account to be terminated. Instead I will try draw my own version of them on photo shop with my graphic design tablet or find the realy versions of them on the internet. Just letting you know until I find a way around that rule..

So this is going to be just an informative post, I will post more later!

Also there is a big sale at purplesparkles bazaar. EVERYTHING IN HER CLOSET IS GOING TO BE SOLD! So get in quick!

x Holly

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  1. I read on a post at Perez Hiltons blog, that Ruubin contacted stardoll and asked about the blogs and stardoll replied its fine for a blog.