April 21, 2011

So stardoll.. got some explaining to do, eh?

Stardoll Scandal - The truth or a diversion?

From what I've seen on Stardoll, this is one of the biggest topics of today - prices and the status.

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Ok so I'm confused about this whole issue and I'm sure some of you are too, right?

So let's set it straight. I messaged Stardoll and that was their reply. According to them, it's for their salaries and running costs and whatever else.

I can understand that in these times, things are tough with the recession and cuts and everything else but really out of 1OO,OOO,OOO + members and alot which pay for SS/Stardollars, you still have to make us pay quite alot for virtual status.

Hmm. clever.. NAWT! I hate the little "gifts for free" things too. it's obviously not free it's probably included in the price or whatever and they are ugly (some anyways).

What do you think?

Megan x

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