April 9, 2011

Some Late Hotbuys (READ)!

Omg , Im so sorry . I haven't post for a while , I was grounded and my parents got mad at me for having low marks in Maths. I got 68 but I promised them to have around 90 + . But now , everything's fine ! Plz , LollymollyGoo , Don't fire me in Belle Stardoll D: , I really love my job and so as I love the other workmates :D (:

Okay , so [April Hotbuys]

Information :

Where: Folk
Price: $10
Color: Gold-ish , Pink and a bit black [:
Name: Hotbuys Clutch.
Click here to buy it.

Next , It's soooo Waterfall - ish with Pink & Black C:

Where: Fudge
Price: $14
Color: Pink and Black [Waterfall Pattern]
Name: Hotbuys Waterfall Pants
Click here to buy it.

Thanks for viewing C: Have a lovely day !

- DemiRockz56 C:


  1. that's fine I totally understand, hope you get better at your grades though and thanks for posting today :)

  2. I love love love both those Hotbuys! If I had any SD I'd buy them.