April 10, 2011

Suite Fashion!

Hello Everyone!
Haven't you ever been to a suite and it's ah-mazing
and you wish yours was as great as it is?
Well, Not anymore! I will help you have a great suite!

Tips to a Beautiful suite-
  1. Don't overclutter. Messy suite= Messy Person(which means you have a messy soul :)
  2. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Add crazy colors and other wacky things.
  3. Add detail. All the best suites are very detailed.

Here are some example great suites~~

Suites by Lollymollygoo Funkybabe.izzy and Peggy_star.
Aren't they ahmazing? See how intricately detailed they are? See how they don't clutter. See how they express themselves? Listen to me and you'll have a covergir worthy suite!


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