April 30, 2011

To be fair...

Ok. Well I have a tough choice to make and I don't know what I should do.

I will dearly miss Belle-Stardoll and I hope to still be able to comment when I can and be part of it all because I remember being top commenter here all the way back at the beginning of my blogging days and then I joined to club, at the time there were a few positions open and I just remember one user who was a writer saying pick that girl (me) because all the writers love her, she'll be perfect. So I joined the team and I thank every single one of you here for helping to start my writing career and helping me become better at what I do. I love you all very much and will miss you. x

I am planning to leave the blog to pursue my dream of becoming a model on Stardoll. To be fair to myself, I work for 4 blogs and it's just getting too much. I try to post as much as I can with school, family and life issues in the way but right now I need a break from it all to revise and get my life back together tbh. I have exams in 2 weeks and they will decide alot for my life which is going to be a stressful time.

However, as much as I put into my posts, I don't get much out of it. I realise this is not the most popular of blogs but with 184 followers it should be more active. I really feel that I take my time to share with the blog about things and yet 1 or two people comment on it. Which is a little disappointing when on the other blogs I work for, 1 of which has less followers then this, post at least 10 comments on posts.

And there is my dilemma. I am swayed into leaving right now. I can't post as much as I should and even though I try it's not enough to fit in with everything else I have on as Stardoll is not high on my list of priorites, I need a little break from blogging here.

Sorry guys.

Megan x

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