April 19, 2011

News Writer

Hello everyone! Well I know you ALL got the message about the new LE that is now available in starplaza, right? Well if you didn't (which I know nobody didn't get it), I'm here to tell you about it! There's not much to say though because a lot of the items are ALREADY sold out. Which isn't surprising considering it's freaking LE for crying out loud. But, I'm just here to give my opinion. I think that it is amazing! I love the clothes, the colors, the style, the everything. I think it's very creative and I can't blame anyone for buying then like there's no tomorrow. Because, technically, there will be no LE tomorrow! If there was a time I wish I was superstar, it is now! This collections beats the last collection, and the one before that, be far. The clothes are way better, the colors are prettier, and the overall look and style is perfect for the age range of girls using Stardoll and modern fashion. I love it! More importantly, what do you guys think? I want to hear your opinion so don't forget to leave a comment!

Photos of each page:


  1. Ummm....I thought I did LE and antidote...I'm confused! I just haven't been posting coz I don't have access to star doll so I don't know what's going on. Sorry about that, I will have access to star doll again next Sunday