May 18, 2011

... are yoou still here?

Heey. I have no banner :/ But still I wanna talk to yoou about MMC9 [mizzmileycyrus9] and the latest on his moves on SD.

Firstly, he hacks people and claims his "fame"
Secondly, he hacks more and claims what he thinks is an "elite status"
Lastly, he apologises and now, he is copying designs from Eamonn [FashionMan.]

Ok so when is he gonna leave, eh?

Well tbh, no signs yet and he's just been so horrible but and this is a MAJOR but..

I think when you're gebi'ing him or whatever, and you're being horrible and all these death threats, he is going to SD with proof and this is a serious form of bullying and it can get your acc. deleted so be careful what you say to him because a lot of it is going to SD. I'm most definitely not on his side yet, I do feel that when you talk to him, yeeah I know he hacked and scammed - my best friend was one of his many victims, you just go all out and start arguing and these death threats are NOT neccessary and I am quite disgusted with whoever it is doing this because 1, you're a bully and 2. because this kid has feelings too and evidently you are affecting his real life.

Still, say what you think but don't come to me if your acc. is deleted because of some people's horrid ways. Just get him deleted and get over it!

Megan x


  1. ill make you a proper banner that doesn't involve nakedness. XD.

  2. Umm my that's not my banner, that's a picture of mizzmileycyrus9 :L :L