May 4, 2011

free items and news!

Free Dove Club Poster.
If you want just the poster above then log into stardoll using any USA proxy like or
Paste into the proxy url bar and log into stardoll, then cross off the proxy. If you are from the USA this should already be in your suite.

However if you wan't the future Dove items from the club, you'll need to use a proxy, there is only one known USA proxy that'll let us join clubs. If you are already a member of the club then I don't think you need to join again, check to see if you have the 125,000 members gifts in your suite just to make sure. You are supposed to get a bag for joining the club but no one outside the USA seems to have got that. If you join now you'll still get the other items, except for the items at 125,000 as that target has already been reached.
If you are from USA, join the club HERE. If you're not follow these steps:
Go to  This proxy has a lot of pop ups, just close them as you go along, the proxy still works. OR if you'd prefer, you can use manual proxy, find some HERE.

Paste this into the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. Join the club by clicking 'Join this club', then 'Yes' Close off the proxy once you're done.

Note that you will only get the poster from doing this, you'll get the other items once the club reaches those members though.

Free Przewalski
All you need to do is go to the Endangered Species campaign page HERE and click 'Adopt me'.


Reload 50%

From the 3rd till the 5th of May we'll get 50% extra stardollars when buying more. I would use this if it counted as buying extra membership aswell but it doesn't, I'm not a fan of buying only stardollars, I feel it's a waste of RL money when you can earn SD in star bazaar.. what about you? Will you take advantage of this offer?

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  1. umm.. you copied this straight off of underneath stardoll and it's VERY obvious tbh.
    Megan x