May 19, 2011

Hey guys,

Ok... here is the deal!

In comments if you have any issues or family/friend problems I will answer them!

All you have to do is post them in the comments box or if they are private... email them to me at

Anyway, here are some of they things I came across on the internet:

1. Some kids feel sad and upset.

A: We can help them by talking them and involving them in our little groups.

2. Little kids feel they need to impress the older people:

A. We could make sure they know that we accept them for who they are.

3. Older people feel they have to much on their plate:

A. We can help them out or give them positive feedback and compliments

I know this a random but at school today we had Random Acts of Kindness day!

Thats all for now,

Comment away!

Chocolateecidna! xx