May 7, 2011

Hotbuys Swimsuit Out! [May]

Hey Hey Hey! The hotboys swimsuit is out on 6th May! Im nothing but AMAZED by the swimsuit , but I ain't amaze with the price .__. .... Its so expensive!!! That's what I don't like about hotbuys .__. ! Time for reviewing !

Where: Rio
Price: 17 Stardollars
Color: Stardoll ; Sparkish , Black outlines and Green. Real ; Black and dots.
Click here to buy it.Thanks to for the real pic!!

~ Love , DemiRockz56.
[What do you think ?]


  1. i say its cheesy and tacky. and that's coming from a person that knows a lot of fashion.

  2. I actually quite like this but I prefer the real version