May 4, 2011

Interview with Bridget..

Heey guys,
Here is the interview with Bridget..

How long have you been designing for?
since 2010! ;)

Why do you like designing?
I love expressing myself & this is a great way to do it!

Have you ever won top designer?
nope :( but still trying

Do you knoww any other good designers really well?
Yes Pinkcoco2211 & I are really close! ;)

What aree your favourite designs?
well i love glee designs! ;)

Which is your favourite design collection?

Who inspires you to design?

Who is your favourite stardoll designer?
Pinkcoco2211 & Joanne1305

Who is your favourite designer?
Coco Chanel

Whats ur name on sd?

Whats ur real name?
Bridget Daisy

Stay tuned for another interview :)
xx Alana

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