May 8, 2011

Interview with Fiafia13

Hey Everyone

Here is a interview with Fifia13

How long have you been designing for?
About two years ago I started making Twilight designs but they never really sold. Then I took a break from stardoll and when i got back on I decided I really wanted a glee shirt so I made one and then some asked to buy it and the rest is history...

Why do you like designing?
Because it's fun and it allows me to be creative! I love design in general, in real life I'm a top art student :)

Have you ever won top designer?
Sadly, no.

If so how many times?

Do you knoww any other good designers really well?
Well I am quite good friends with Pinkcoco2211 (you interviewed her too, right?) but otherwise, no.

What aree your favourite designs?
Out of my designs? Probably the desses :)

Which is your favourite design collection?

Who inspires you to design?
For me it's not really a matter of WHO inspires me to design it's WHAT. The whole world around me inspires me to design. Each day I come across a new thing and a new idea pops into my head!

Oh and in the case of what I design on stardoll Glee inspires me!

Who is your favourite stardoll designer?
Hm... I'm not really familiar with many stardoll designers but I remember really liking ..Halloween..'s (I think that was her name) designs.

Who is your favourite designer?
Um... I'm not really big on designer clothes and stuff so I'm not actually that familiar with many designers but I love clothes that are comfy and that you can wear anywhere and everywhere if that helps, lol :)

Whats ur name on sd?

Whats ur real name?

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