May 1, 2011


Hey again  today I got the pleasure of interviewing another stardoll designer ;)

How long have you been designing for?
For about a year now and it just keeps getting more fun (;

Why do you like designing?  
Becuase I really wanna be a fashion desginer when I'm older and I enjoy practicing on stardoll (: 

Have you ever won top designer?
No , Sadly .. I Have got 2nd and 3rd though (;

Do you knoww any other good designers really well?
Yeah , Fiafia13 is am amazing desginer . So is Bridget.. (;

Who are your favourite designers?
I love Alex Perry and Coco Chanel. She inspired me for my stardoll username (;

What is your favourite stardoll brand?
I love AmyClaire and LE , They have really cuutee clothes (;

Who inspires you to design?
I'm really not sure , Stardoll helped me alot though (;

Who is your favourite stardoll designer?

Whats ur name on sd? pinkcoco2211

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