May 5, 2011


Heeey Everyone heree iss a interview with KWcat

How long have you been designing for? 
I've been designing for about two years.

Why do you like designing?
Designing is so much fun for me! :) It is a hobby of mine now.

Have you ever won top designer?
Yes I have been the top designer before a few times and stayed there for weeks at a time, it was lot's of fun! :)

Do you know any other good designers really well?
I do know other designers....great ones! :) Joanne1305 is a designer I used to buy from before getting into design myself. She's very talented. Also my friends Crystal and No.1 Sweetie are also incredible designers and very sweet stardoll friends! :) My friend babylulu is also very talented, and a true friend on stardoll. Check out my bff list because there are a couple more there I am good friends with! :)

What are your favorite designs?
My favorite designs of mine are my coke-a-cola design, the soda pop collection on my account SportzFan, my emo Spongebob design, and right now I like my Eminem design the best. :)

What is your favorite design collection?
My favorite design collection are my soda pop designs on my account SportzFan. :) I did just a couple of them long ago on my KWcat account and wanted to revisit them again so now I have even more! :)

Who inspires you to design?
My stardoll friends inspire me to design! :) They are full of great ideals, and great suggestions! :)

What is your favorite stardoll design?
My Juicy tank is my favorite stardoll design! :) I kept one for my stardoll

Who is your favorite designer?
My fav designer is Joanne1305 because her designs are so lifelike! :)

Whats your name on stardoll?
My name is Alicia.

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  1. ummm...didnt miki1811 already do an interview with KWcat?