May 2, 2011

May Hotbuys! :D

Hey , guys.. I'm back , I haven't been posting cause they weren't any APRIL hotbuys that came out and I review and post them all and I think our boss and the co-worker got a bit mad at me cause I wasn't posting .__. ; To you guys , I'm so sorry , I didn't post the May Hotbuys cause I got sea-sick and got flu , fever. ): But now , I feel well. So , please don't fire me :(

[ Okay , The May Hotbuys ] Usually , the hotbuys haven't came out but stardoll release the picture of May Hotbuys ! :DD

[ So what do you think guys? , which one do you like BEST? :D ]

~ DemiRockz56


  1. miss_loved_rebo: erm , sorry .. I didn't know? ._.
    Lollymollygoo: Thanks Abby ;__; ;)

  2. would have been great if i was notified.

  3. miss_loved_rebo ; Sorry , I didn't knew you were the updater or the co-worker cause I dont know some of our working mates here in belle-stardoll :/