May 15, 2011

May Hotbuys ! xx

Hey guys :| , Sorry for not writing for a looong time cause My birthday's tomorrow and I had to fix decorations , hang outs etc. But Im back ! As long as I have time haha :D here are the hotbuys ! Hope you enjoy reviewing them with me !!

Information ;
Name: Hotbuys Ruffle Dress
Item: Dress
Color: Pink
Price: $21
Where: Pretty n Love <-- what the heck , i thought it was Pretty and Pink ):
Click here to buy it.

and ...

Name: Hotbuys Skirt
Item: Skirt
Color: Orange , Black and white polka dots. (Btw , the real version is different from Stardoll)
Price: $16
Where: Bizou
Click here to buy it.

Sorry guys , I dont have the real version of the dress , I couldn't find the ruffle dress at HotbuysAddicted but I did found the skirt ! So thanks to HotbuysAddicted for the real version pics ! :D

- Love , DemiRockz56

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