May 1, 2011

Miss Belle-Stardoll!

The last one was a fail so here's this months!
You can enter here and in the new TAB!
all you have to do is follow this blog and follow the rules!

1.EVERYONE is allowed to participate if their following.
2.The theme is MAKE A SCENERY ....
3.Remember to work with the hair and make up if needed....Accesorize but remain stylish!!!
4.TAKE A PRINT SCREEN OF YOUR SCENERY and upload it on tinypic/photboucket etc etc
5.DO NOT BREAK ANY OF THE RULES if you want your entry to be taken under consideration!!

And fill out this form:
Best feature:
Why do you want to win:
What do you want to win:
Tinypic/photobucket of scenery:

1 comment:

  1. User: momijigal911
    Best feature: Face
    Why do you want to win: Because I came 2nd last time and now I have more confidence, ideas and creativity. Also I think I will be able to bring another level to the whole competition and be out of the box and unique.
    What do you want to win: I don't mind, Stardollars, SS maybe I don't know.
    Tinypic of scenery: It's in the Belle-Stardoll club called New York and the tinypic is: