May 27, 2011


Hey stardollies,

We need to talk about self-esteem!

"Being happy with yourself is very important" a wise women once told me (Thanks Mummy!)

If everytime you see your reflection you say "Ahh, I look like a zombie with a case of the uglies" well then you need some help!

As I child I was quite chubby, I was very unhappy and I cried everyday, But then I said "This is rubbish, if I want to feel good about myself well then I need to work for it!"When I started doing what I needed to do, I felt as though I would never be happy and I would always be chubby. I started to give up when a kid came up to me and said I was still fat. It slapped me right in the face and I knew I had to keeping doing what I was doing! I now weigh the same amount I did when I was nines years old.

Some people need more help with their confidence. If you are shy and quiet that's okay as long as you are happy and safe! If someone says something mean, even if you are shy you need to stand up to them and say "Stop it I do not like it"

What I am trying to get across is that even when you feel low, just think "I can do this" or "I look awesome!" Cause 99.99% of the time you will!

Chocolateecidna xx

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