May 1, 2011

since we don't have a free items writer yet ill do the one for today.

If you are from Russia then log into stardoll and click HERE. If you are from anywhere else you'll need to use a proxy, go to or or

Paste this into the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. Change 'view' to 'finish' or paste this:

Hit enter again. Once the page has loaded cross off the proxy. The flowers should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

ATTENTION: In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click on any of them...we cannot guarantee the safety of a proxy.

Credit to underneath stardoll

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  1. You copied and pasted that EXACTLY from Underneath SD, you didn't even give them credit.