May 14, 2011

Suite of the week, Outfit of the week and a bit of a rant.

Heyyyy everyone.
So this post is going to be a bit long because I have a bit of a problem with stardoll atm.
My problem- starco
Stardoll has just issued
starcoins, but there not that good at all.
They really defeat the purpose of shopping on stardoll.
They say stardollars are for superstars only, but now when we sell stuff we get starcoins for somethings..., WE DONT WANT STARCOINS.
I have alot of rare stuff which i can only sell for starcoins which 10 starcoins is 1sd.
Even if i sell those rares for star coins i only get a equival
ent of 45sd.
Anyway so suite of the week belongs to oanaroses her suite is amazing.

The outfit of the week belongs to ninne_ her outfit is so cute.

Thats it.
Xx annie <3

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