May 14, 2011

We need some new writers

Writers are no longer doing there jobs and are becoming really slack so we need some new writers these are the categorys open (well i think are open O_o)
- Advice
- News
- Gossip
- New dolls?
- free iteams
And probly a few more
tell me if your interested xx


  1. I'll try gossip and i can probably post 3 times a week or more but not from the 23rd-27th of May because i am doing exams then x

  2. Oh okay cool I will need your email to re add you then ;P

  3. I'm interested in writing about advice( is it fashion advice?) or new dolls.

    My stardoll name is BonJour360


  4. my email is x

  5. I might be interested in advice on things like Friends and Family, I could do this thing were if you have a problem you could write it in comments and every week I could answer them with simple but helpful advice.... just an idea!

    Chocolateecidna xx

  6. Yeah sure can I have your email so I can add you as a writer

  7. it is

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  9. I know how to get spoilers and real life versions :)) And also the Hotbuys picture that you can roll over to see the release dates and stuff :))