May 31, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute...and also THIS?

I have to admit, what's Yves Saint Laurent? Tell me in the comments!
And look at this...
I don't really understand this!!! Help me! :(



  1. .. basically stardoll have got reports of yoou asking for people personal details and if yoou do it again, yoour acc. will be deleted and yoou won't be able to get any refunds or anything.
    Get it? x

  2. @Anonymous: Oh thanks a lot, but, I didn't ask for other peoples passwords :P I heard that this is sent to every account that agreed to the Stardoll Terms Of Use :P

  3. Basically You Got Reported By Stardoll .. Even If You Didnt Do Anything, They still Send It.
    Wierd Rightt ? I Got One Like That before Too . ://

  4. stardoll_blogspot: Yeah you are right. It's too weird :P