June 25, 2011

Birthday Advice!

Hey cheeky-babes, 
Because it is my 12th birthday in 15 days (10th of July) I have decided to Birthday Advice this week. 
The following topics are: Party ideas and present ideas 
To begin with I shall start with Present ideas, this all depends on how old you are, what gender you are and what you like. 
Girl/boy (aged 0-2) Probably If you really want to cover all the bases and give a gift that keeps on giving, then a baby gift basket or hamper is a great way to celebrate a newly expanded family. And there's nothing babies love more than being pampered, so grooming kits can make a wonderful present.
Girl/boy: (aged 3-6) GIRL: Maybe a barbie or a doll. BOY: An Action figure or maybe even a plastic light-saber.
Girl/boy: (aged 7-10) Probably a board game or some kind of movie.
Girl/boy: (aged 11-13) A movie, music, electronics, book or a gift voucher would be awesome.
Girl/boy (aged 13+) Probably go with a voucher for a music/book store or maybe even just some money so they can buy what they want. 
Now for Party ideas, like I said before it depends on your age, gender and interests. 
Girl/boy (aged 4-7) GIRL: Maybe a princess party or a dressup party. BOY: A pirate party or a ninja party would be loved by everyone!
Girl/boy (aged 8-10) GIRLS: I would suggest a Hawaiian part or even a disco party. BOYS: I like the sound of a spooky party or a safe water fight party. You can also do things like rock climbing and the YMCA kinda thing (for both genders).
Girl/boy: (aged 11-14) Sleepovers! Grab your favorite movies and popcorn to enjoy while you celebrate your birthday. If the boys are not comfortable doing this you can also have a pool party or even a little celebration down at the beach. 
Girl/boy: (aged 15+) Probably aim for one of those cool parties with lots of people they have on TV. If you want to only invite a few people it will still be fun. Make sure you do not post the invite online because the can attract bad things. No alcohol is also a fantastic rule because it can lead to fights and unwanted babies (Tried to put it in the lease most gross way).  
I hope this helps at least one person in the world,
Chocolateecidna xox

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