June 4, 2011

Dominque's Lingerie, Sick or Exciting? Part 2

So now instead of Playboy, it has turned into Dominque's Lingerie. Owned by the lovely Dominque Fontane, she has got alot of work on her hands. Considering the whole Playboy thing didn't go to plan as it "wasn't taken seriously", how do you think this new project will go?

In my honest opinion, I like it. Not just because I'm a model, because it's different and interesting. Above, is the first photoshoot including alexcendraburke, MissLolita_F, lulla96 and momijigal911 (me!).

I rate the graphic 5/5, it's amazing and such a good first graphic for the blog.

So, I ask again... Sick or exciting?

Megan x


  1. awww lucky your in the photo shoot I quite like the graphics :)

  2. Exciting! The graphic looks amazing. :)