June 29, 2011


Inspire the outfit of outfits!
Are you lacking inspirtation (expert inspiration) on working out what to wear? I know I ALWAYS am! But here are a few sites to check out and things to do to get the inspirtation you need!

  • Try checking out http://lookbook.nu/ to find other people outfits to inspire you, and voila, instantly inspired!
  • Try having a flick through your magazines to find fashion from them, this will often help you find the right outfit.
  • Are there any celebrities that have a sense of fashion you admire? Well how about think about how they dress and base your outfit on what they wear with your own unique personal twist? It works! 
  • Another way to get inspired is by checking out Stardoll, there is fashion inspiration everywhere!
  • Tumblr has many photographs of girls dressed to impress and dressed casually in some great outfits, so check out Tumblr and get inspired! 
Ok, so those are the ways to find the outfit you need! Did you like my advice? Are you going to use it any time soon? What's your opinion about this? What do you do when you are lacking inspirtation?

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