June 15, 2011

June Interview: Featuring Momijigal911

1. How long have you been on stardoll for?
I have been on Stardoll for 3 years

2. What are some of your talents on stardoll?
Hmm.. I guess they are fashion (designing outfits/styling/etc..)

3.What inspires you to create such an elegant me-doll?
Well I have always had a love for fashion and I suppose I just get inspired by different people in the world and mix it all into one outfit. I personally find it easy to piece an outfit together, I don't know how or why but I just use colours and garments I love to create an as you say "elegant me-doll"

4. What is your favourite brand on stardoll?
I do love Bisou, it's just a different shop or a breath of fresh air because it's not just girly clothes, it's mixed styles and you can create fabulous outfits with the clothes.

5. Any fashion tips?
Choose clothes and colours you love to wear or look good in and then mix and match and see what you come up with. But most importantly, be yourself in whatever you do and make sure that if you get inspired by celebs you also make it original and your own style rather than just copying.

6. Some advice for the stardolls out there:
Don't copy! It is very important to just be yourself in everything you do not just fashion and style.

A big thanks to Momijigal911, she is an inspiration to us all and I wish her good luck for the future! :)
Click here to visit her suite.

Do you want to be featured in the July interview? Send me some info. about yourself (talents, general info...etc.) on my stardoll account (Miki1811) or tell me about yourself in the comments. Don't forget to include your stardoll username!
Stay tuned!

xx Miki

Here are some of Momijigal911's photos. She definitely has a hidden talent. These photos are amazing!


  1. Hehe. Thank yoou for showing them my photos also, it is much appriciated ;] Much love x

  2. I'll apply :D

    User: chloe-99
    Talents: Graphic designing (www.chloe-99sgraphicsgallery.blogspot.com)and in RL its drawing (http://chloe-99sgraphicsgallery.blogspot.com/2011/06/drawing-of-lady-gaga.html)
    Info: I'm a 11 year old girl who loves her friends & fam. I live in the UK in Hednesford, a small town situated in the West Midlands. I love to play on stardoll and I also love art.