June 4, 2011


Hey Guys,

Peer Pressure: How to beat it!

Peer pressure can make you feel deppressed or just totally lost.
It is a terrible thing to suffer from.

Let's say someone says to you "Wanna go with me to rob a clothes store" and you feel like thats is the wrong thing to do (which it is) but you are to scared to say no, so you say yes, you will most likely Get Caught or feel very GUILTY! 

There is nothing worse then feeling guilty or regretful. There is only 2 ways to get rid of your guilt: 1. DO NOT DO IT IN THE FRIST PLACE or if you do 2. OWN UP!

If you do own up you will feel better even if you get a bad punishment. 99% of the time if you do not own up you will get in more trouble then if you do, not saying that you should do it in the first place. 


I really do hope this has helped someone in this world,

Luv ya's,

Chocolateecidna (Katie) xx

** This only applies to peer pressure related things**

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