June 1, 2011

Playboy on Stardoll?

heeeey dollies!
yeeah i know i've been away for some time but seriously nothing interestung has happened in the dollyworld recently until a couple days ago when news spread on psg that Tylerisbold is a scammer and The Chimera opened and the party was fab, if I do say so myself ;]

Above we has the new spoiler of the Playboy Magazine for Stardoll. Mixed reviews but I think it's a pretty awesome creation kinda like Victoria's Secret.

All models were selected privately and lucky some got the friend request telling them they could possibly be part and I was one of the lucky ones! Along with Lolita, Selena, Noelle, Sofi and a few more. CG is also secret and I have been told and idea of who it is most likely to be by thw owner but I will not reveal anything.

What do yoou think? Sick or exciting?

Megan x


  1. I'm not so interested in these kind of magazines :|

  2. I think it is a bit umm... idk disturbing the idea of that kind of magazine it is a site meant for little children :S

  3. yeeah s'ppose but it's not a bad thing, little children, i doubt even read blogs. some maybe but what are the chances a little child would want to read that? x

  4. The chances are highly likely that a little kid would read it. As I do go down to help teachers in elementary school, I know that little kids around 5-10 are very curious as to what is going on. They like to know what things are and how they work and how they feel. If a child would see the magazine, they would want to know what's inside, which will either lead to them wanting to see more or running to their parents screaming "I SAW A NUDE LADY!" And that will lead to their parents contacting either the author or stardoll staff.