June 19, 2011


Hey guyz (:

I'm sorry to say that but I won't be able to write for this blog anymore.

I know I didn't do many posts, but no one commented in any of the few of them.

Lollymollygoo, you can delete me from writers and sorry for quiting.

See ya soon,
Fairydew xxx


  1. ok bye.
    1 more thing, what was your job anyway?
    I'm the Co.owner and i never even knew because i've never even seen a post from you.

  2. I was supposed to write about make up and sorry for quiting I don't have much time (: [sorry ofr anonymous, it wouldn't let me log in to blogger]

  3. Oh, I am sorry you're leaving :'( But, you had an aweome job - I'd take it anytime - I loved your job... I hope I'll see you on some other blogs sometimes... :D