June 18, 2011

Things to do when your friends are down!

Here is a list of things to do with your friends when they are down:

1. Her BF dumped her = Get a few friends together and go on a girls weekend!

2. She had a fight with her mum = Have a slumber party and watch lots of funny movies

3. She failed an exam = Take her mind of things by going to her favourite place

4. A close friend/family member passed away = Make a scrapbook about fun times they shared (the sooner they get over it the better because otherwise they will convince themselves that they will be sad forever)

5. She is in huge trouble with by her Dad for doing something naughty** = Explain to her that if she except for punishment her Dad will forgive her and her live will go on normally. Then take her mind if it with something like surfing or indoor rock-climbing.

If you have more just send them to me at chocolateecidna@hotmail.com

I hope this helps someone,

Chocolateecidna xx

PS Do not forget about my special "Positive Day"

** This means things like: Lying about her weekend, sneaking out of the house for a party or anything related to that.

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