June 10, 2011

This is your chance...

Have you ever wanted to show your true talents on stardoll, to make new friends or to be a model on stardoll?
This is your chance. Join the private club Modeling-Moi and you might be special enough to be accepted into this exclusive club. Usually, this club is not open to all members, but for a limited time only everyone who sends a request to the club will get in.
Hurry, before this offer ends!

Click here to visit the club!

Some stardoll's in the club: KWcat, pinksoda12, MissBezt123

xx Miki


  1. erm. this isn't an active contest in Belle. you need to ask lollymollygoo before just making a compitition...

  2. It isn't a contest. It's just a club on stardoll. It's just that it's usually private but now it's open for all for a limited time only, so I just wanted to inform everyone about it.

  3. it sounds good. i might join