July 30, 2011

Be Individual!

Hey guys,
For this post I will be talking about individuality. Everyone is different in every single special way!
Being individual is one of the best things you can do in life. People say that standing out is bad and that it is better to fit in and just be ‘normal’. Let me tell you this: No one is normal! If you were having dinner with the ‘perfectly normal’ family, you would start to think that they have a terrible secret and that they are coming up with some evil plan by looking into their families eyes! No one really knows what ‘normal’ is because no one is normal even though everyone has a rough idea on that they think is normal. 
Being out-there might be hard for some but easy for others. If you standout in a good way, well... Good job! Be careful not to standout in a bad way because it can draw a different kind of attention. 
Having a reputation can be good to if it is positive and creative, at school my rep is the Funny-girl-who-sings-at-random-times-of-the-day girl. If you think that pretending to be someone else is better because they are ‘flawless’ well there is no point because everyone has a few flaws. Some can be embarrassing like I still have a toy of Wags the Dog from Wiggles and I cuddle it everyone night when I fall to sleep or that I am terrified of puppies and animals that live in the sea! But others could just be something like you have a massive freckle on you face (I have many) which if you are a nice and caring person, no one will notice! 
So basically, I advice to you is to be individual and creative!
Hope this helps, 
Katie (Chocolateecidna) xo