July 15, 2011

Hackers and Scammers

Hey cuties,

Never give out your password!
Hackers and scammers are becoming a bigger and bigger problem everyday!
When someone hacks you, you feel upset and extremely annoyed. Mainly when someone hacks you they take all your good things like LE, DKNY and more rare and expensive objects. When I got hacked last year they made my medoll look appalling and they wrote rude messages on people’s page so it looked like I was really mean. It made me feel insecure and totally betrayed! 
The best way to avoid this situation is to never give out your password. If someone does hack you and you get sent an email saying do you wanna change your email/pass? Click no and check your account right away. Do not forget to change your password right away as well.
To be safe I think it is a great idea to change your password every month or to so that if someone is desperately trying to find out your password and they have almost got it, they will be tricked! 
So basically my advice to you is to Never Give Out Your Password!  
Hope this helps,
Chocolateecidna xox


  1. my friend got hacked the other day but she managed to get her account back :S