July 10, 2011


#Update 1: They asked me for a lot of money! Trying to scam me or what? ;[
#Update 2: She gave me back my account. THANK GOD!

Hello readers! This is important, I've been hacked yesterday! The hacker took all my Stardollars, and she is forcing me to pay me 20 sd! I only have Starcoins! :[

Since the first time I joined Stardoll, I've been hacked and scammed 3 times! I'm very very very scared! And if you want to know the hackers they are...
thebestmuslimah and annaLullaby and AdrianneLullaby

By the way, report them all!



  1. Was that you who messaged me asking me to teach you how to get spoilers? Or was that her?

  2. @ℓσℓℓумσℓℓуģσσ: I don't know :S She said, If I pay 20 sd, she will give back my Stardollars. By the way, it's not logical! If I pay 20 sd, and she got my 11 sd, I'll get only 9 sd -.-

    @Miki1811: It was me ._.

  3. miss_loved_rebo7/12/11, 2:06 PM

    well you do know not giving out your password is a good start, why do you think i've never been hacked nor scammed?
    try not to trust anyone with anything and I'm sure you'll survive. i even change my pass when i predict my sister has been messing with my computer.

  4. @miss_loved_rebo: Thanks for the tip ;D Actually right, I didn't give my password. I don't know how she got it :O