July 30, 2011

Hi everyone! As I promised, I will be showing you guys my favorite makeups and giving you a little surprise at the end. Enjoy!So here we have my DOT favorites for July. I like these colors because I think they're very fun and summery! You can really get creative with these blushes, lipsticks, and eye-makeup.
Now these are my LUXE favorites. Honestly, LUXE never fails me when it comes to giving amazing makeup colors! I've been waiting for a midnight blue shade to come out and LUXE has it. So for all you makeup-lovers out there, LUXE is a good investment. It's expensive, I know, but it's worth it!

Now for that treat I promised you guys!
I made this look a VERY long time ago, using my friend pink_bb3_276 as the model on the top and my other good friend saira_pinkx on bottom. This look was inspired by Michelle Phan's Geisha makeup tutorial on YouTube. Hopefully this look inspires you all as it inspired me!

Sorry the text is so small. Make sure to leave comments!


  1. Awesome work! I love all of those make-up items! :)

  2. i love michellephan!! shes amazing! and love this look1 please check out my youtube youtube.com/user/foreverchicc
    thankyou! ah-mazing again!