July 16, 2011

I'm back & Hotbuys & Glitch

Hey! I'm back from the competition! It was awesome! Well my school got the champion! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday because I was sleeping the whole day ._.

So, back to my post! :]

The Hotbuys Necklace is out today,
It costs 15 sd, and it was inspired by Danielle Scutt for Topshop or D&G (2 versions of D&G) :

Aha. And I saw a glitch here in the Starplaza:
100 Million Store? May they just forget about it?



  1. The way they make them look like the real things is amazing! :)

  2. Oh yeah! I saw those bangles in star plaza and I wondered what they were! Haha

  3. I could never pick these things up, I would just completely blow it off!

  4. lol! im usually like that

  5. the necklace graphic is so good :) i love it to bits i wish i had it in real life